Solar Panels For New House Builds

Solar Panels For New Builds

Photovoltaic solar panels are much more versatile than other renewable energy systems – it’s a well-recognised renewable energy solution. The benefits of this technology are well established and provide a virtually unending source of energy for a property. In many cases, they are also cheaper to install than other renewable systems, and cheaper to run & maintain , which makes it ideal economically; helping us all achieve net zero.

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Why Use Solar Panels on New Builds?

Installing integrated Solar Panels on new builds cuts down on tiling costs by fitting fully integrated solar panels that sit flush against the tiles, making it not only cost effective but also providing a sleek and modern finish to the house. Installing Solar panels on a new development also helps your project improve it’s BREEAM score, and lessen the impact the development has on the environment.

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The Benefits of Solar Panels on New Build Developments

Installing solar panels on new build developments has both long term financial and environmental benefits, including: cutting down on construction costs, improving the saleability of a property, reducing a building’s carbon footprint, encouraging a culture of sustainability, and improving a building’s BREEAM score.


Save Money on Roofing and Tiling Costs

The new build development process is the perfect time to install solar panels. Instead of wasting money on roofing a building only for this to potentially be replaced with solar panels further down the line, you can integrate the panels into the roof straightaway. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) not only cut down on costs but also look better aesthetically, as they sit flush with the roof.

Save on Tiling Costs with Solar Panles on New Builds
Integrated Solar Panels New House Build Reducing Energy Bills

Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Saleability

As well as saving money in the development stage, solar panels also cut down on long term energy costs. This is an attractive proposition to buyers, especially as energy prices continue to rise year on year. It’s estimated that installing a renewable energy source like solar panels can save up to 70% on home energy bills. This alone increases the saleability of new build properties.


Reduce a Building’s Carbon Footprint

Buyers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and new builds with solar panels are in high demand. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average home in the United Kingdom with a solar panel system installed could reduce its carbon emissions by 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes per year. This hugely reduces a building’s dependence on the National Grid and fossil fuels.

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Sustainability from The Outset

As of 2021, all new build homes in the UK have been expected to achieve a 31% reduction in carbon emissions, making it a requirement to include energy saving measures such as solar panels in the new build development process. This has a knock on effect of boosting corporate social responsibility (CSR), creating a culture of sustainable living and paving the UK’s transition to green energy.


Improve BREEAM Score

Installing solar panels on new build properties also improves the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment (BREEAM) score – a method of assessing the sustainability rating of a building. The construction industry is responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions worldwide and in order to curb this, local authorities are pushing the industry to improve its BREEAM score.

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Integrated Solar Panels New House Build Reducing Energy Bills
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