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We are providers of Construction, Installation, Operations and Maintenance services to renewable energy assets in the UK.

We take the capabilities of proactive asset management to a hassle free project for asset owners or managers.
Our dedicated team of trained specialists, coupled with an unrivalled geographical spread for fast response and resolution,
means that Optimal Solar delivers the highest quality service to ensure assets deliver the greatest optimised value.

Commercial Roof Mounted Solar

Roof Mounted Solar

By simply utilising the roof space on your domestic or commercial premises you can install solar power generators and start generating solar energy.

Commercial Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground Mounted Solar

Construction and turn key packages for high-performing utility scale solar farms, car ports and bespoke systems utilising ground mount solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Company Mission

Helping us all with that transition to net zero for a more sustainable future.

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Minimise Operational Costs

Through preventative maintenance

Solar Panels Vital Administration

Manage Vital Administration

Through comprehensive site reports

Solar Panels Return of Investmen

Avoid Performance Dips

Through predictive maintenance

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Mitigate Health and Safety Risks

Through best practice


We offer a wide range of services for home and commercial including solar PV, ground mounted systems, commercial roof mounted systems, operations and maintenance.



We would love to help you save money on your energy bills by proving professional installation with peace of mind aftercare.

Get in touch to find out more about our domestic and commercial solar panel installation, operation, and maintenance services.


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